Agora Nomic

current rules

I am the current Rulekeepor of Agora Nomic. The current ruleset is available in three forms:

current proposals

I am the current Promotor of Agora Nomic. Here are the listings of currently active proposals:

These listings are not necessarily up to date, because they depend on me manually adding the latest proposal submissions (and other actions) to my database.

historical rules

I am working on recovering and collating the history of Agora's ruleset. The documents here, covering the entire history, are works in progress:

There are large gaps in the record, and there are conflicting histories for a few rules. If you can help with these problems, please mail me.

Here are some snapshots of the ruleset at particularly early dates:

This series spans the first two years of the game, when the structure of the ruleset changed significantly. Notably the game switched from renumbering amended rules to letting rules keep their number and counting amendments separately. There was also a major change from voting on single rule changes to voting on proposals containing multiple rule changes. Such things haven't changed significantly since 1995.

historical proposals

I am working on recovering and collating the full sequence of Agoran proposals. For the time being, here are the most recent proposals, covering the period for which I have been Promotor and a little earlier:


Many archives of Agora material have previously been posted on the net and then disappeared. I am collecting Agora-related archives from anyone who will provide them, and posting them here. The intent is that they will stay here indefinitely, and also be mirrored from here in places such as the Internet Archive, so that they survive forever. The archives here are not meant for casual perusal; this is about long-term storage.

Any current and former players with Agora-related records, please let me know. Raw mail archives for any period of the game are of the greatest value. Systematic records of published rulesets or official reports are also particularly valuable. All material is worth preserving.

Other websites with historical material: